K. (virginangelic) wrote,

Awestruck. I've been in the presence of god-like beings.

I'll admit it right here, right now. I have been twice blessed and I guess after such a high, the fall's...not pretty. Haha. I shall try my best kay?

So...this month has been ridiculously insane. Let's get back to the beginning yeah?

First, I missed Geng's departure by mere ten minutes so all I saw was a...blob of green China fans. I'm killing myself because I wasn't able to attend his fansigning which they say was incredible. Whatever. I shall not be jealous. Anyways, there I was actually pacing and tearing up and down Changi Airport nursing this ache in my heart. Because fuck.

Then Hajar called and said she missed getting her VIP tickets. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that it was the same day JYJ Singapore showcase ticketing was open? Being poor after so many events, I could only afford the last category. Not that I didn't try. But hell, who can come up with close to $300 in less than two weeks? Yup, yup. Notice was THAT short so it was a mad scramble to shake my non-existent piggybank and digging through my closet and upturning my entire room for spare cash). Ok, so maybe it wasn't THAT dramatic. I just took out my card, went to the bank in the wall and looked at what remained of my savings and booked appropriately.

Anyways, yeah. During those weeks leading up to the showcase, it was maddening. I was trawling the internet after my friends told me that there were contests for tickets. Like wth. So off I went. MTV, whatever. I tried them all. Or tried anyways. Being the rather unlucky soul that I am, I was either too late for submission or lost my password (MTV. Oh how I hate you.). Best question posed by MTV. Describe in 50 words or less why they are your favourite band.

I actually stared at the question for 15 minutes, dumbfounded. 50 words. I could have written an entire freaking essay. (Ok, so I did and tried summarizing but the best I got was...ok, let's just not go there. It's a mass of fangirly nonsense that sounds pathetic even writing it down). Then one or was it two days before the showcase, the Korean Tourism Organization gave out free tix. I just rushed down right after night shift, sleep be damned. (And I tell you, FML. I could barely stay awake later that night for my second night shift).

Afterwards, having sufficient rest, I cabbed down to the airport and HOMG. So many Cassies and I couldn't even recognize anyone.  Then the freaking Quest management just started giving out free tickets. I managed to score one so in the end, I had three tix. *nods*

The boys...were insanely gorgeous. FAR MORE GORGEOUS THAN I EVER EXPECTED THEM TO BE. I almost forgot to breathe. Hell, it was my first almost steady fancam from the airport. Oh god. They were perfection. And Jaejoong. Jae was literally a walking god.

The showcase was crazy. I went crazy. Yeah, okay. Enough said. There were far more drama than necessary though. I'm just so apologetic to the boys for them not being able to enjoy themselves and being hounded by insensitive media bastards. Goodness, I was beyond pissed later when RazorTV carried out this stupid video about the showcase. I was literally boiling mad I tell you. WTF. And the so called 'fans'? If I ever met them irl, they'd best start running in the opposite direction cos I may just explode.

Like take for instance this very nice bit:

JYJ management imposed SO many restrictions during their press conference.

No mention of SM Entertainment was particularly highlighted.


Are local reporters just plain dumb and asking for a lawsuit? They are legally not allowed to talk about it. Hell, tell me who in the world is able to talk about an on-going court case?! ARGH. That wasn't all. The press hounded them asking them why they split up. I am just so darn pissed off about the whole affair. I'm so so so so so sorry to my boys.

Argh, just thinking about that idiotic online video report is enough to dampen my mood. Doesn't help that the darn reporter can't even enunciate well and has such a thick accent. Urgh.

On top of that, there was the whole issue of being made to queue outside the venue for hours. Hell, there were even rumours that the showcase may be cancelled because of the press conference. Sigh...the queueing really got to me because they promised that the doors would open by 6. They opened some 2 hours or so later. And made us all rush by saying, "FASTER GET IN! WILL START SOON!"

Yeah, if it was gonna start so soon, why open the doors so effin late. Quest, you are a buffoon.

In any case, I'll just focus on the good part which was seeing the boys live. They performed some of my favourite songs from their album like EMPTY!!! And Ayy girl. Talking about Ayy girl, the emcee was such a fucking racist. Making fun of the indian accent and of the fans for not being able to sing engrish. Sigh...the showcase could have been SO much better. Ooopps. Good parts right? Well, it was just hearing them live, seeing them dance, seeing them smile. It was enough for me to keep on fighting. To keep the faith. Yes, I'll admit I initially went because I wanted to close one chapter of my life.

Turns out the goodbye was more of a hello instead.

Because I came out a stronger Cassie, my faith in them growing by leaps and bounds. Especially when Chun said, "Always keep the faith right?"

I swear I cried.

Then again, according to the concert goers behind me, I was a madman when they came out - I remember two of them said, "You alright? Calm down."

I think it was because I was screaming and yelling their names like they were about to die or something. Or possiby keening. Whatever.

The highlight of the showcase to me was being involved in the W project. Thank you to the relevant admins for allowing us to participate. Much appreciated.

Ooops. Look at the time. I guess I'll hold off my account of Kpop Night for another night. I need my rest. Thank goodness I'm working night shift later. Eeks. >.<

Alright, take care my lurkers and beloved f-list!.
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