K. (virginangelic) wrote,

I wonder if I should start tagging all my rants. Maybe one day...

Anyways, my life's been proceeding as it should - at a sluggish pace, considering the stage at which I am at right now. Went for my newborn nephew's circumcision yesterday. Yes, not the ceremony - the actual procedure. Watching it had given me mixed feelings. Yes, I was thinking of ethical issues while I was there being a part of it. I feel a tad terrible, especially when the babe cried.

But I really really freaked out when the doctor did the injection because there was blood and well, since I'm biologically a boy (male, man, whatever. Same thing.) I winced. I couldn't even see the actual cutting part - I just shut my eyes but that somehow made things worse. SNIP SNIP SNIP.


It REALLY REALLY makes me think hard whether or not I should go down the biomedical path or not.

Thinking of a university course is killing me. Architecture? Horticulture? Biological sciences? Biomedical? English/Lit? Psych/Socio?

Still racking my brains figuring out what to apply for, where. Things are different now then they were two years back. Seriously, why can't I just go for a liberal arts degree programme? Oh yeah, cos I'm dirt poor. (Well, not that well-off to be precise, this is my rant so I can exaggerate a little bit right?) Doesn't help that my dad may be out of a job soon, considering his company lost some major contract and is already laying off/firing staff. Not that he didn't foresee this but the employment market is rubbish now. And at his age, it'll be a miracle if he manages to even secure a job.

And relatives around my age/hierachy level are getting married/engaged left right centre. Don't even mention attachment. My uncles keep bugging me about 'that girl we saw you that day' (And I have NO clue which girl because yeah...I have a LOT of female friends.) My grandmother? I'm just avoiding her - doubt she'll read this anyways. Doesn't help that she's been having weird mood swings and is insisting that I show myself soon. Doesn't help at all when I just found out that some of my relatives are waiting to matchmake me. And not to mention the eldest grandchild will be getting engaged. My sister's dating some guy online (as usual). So yeah...in the immediate hierachy?

1) Soon to be engaged
2) Me.
3) Dating
4) Married
5, 6, 7...) Dating...i think. Or was it dated? Whatever.

Can I scream now? I just wanna crawl in a hole and hide until I'm 70 or something so no one would question my choices. I mean seriously people, can't we all have modern thinking? Marriage isn't all that important. ARGH!!!

And I need to seriously kick myself for just not being able to write again, despite the plethora of muses. T.T
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